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Heat and Moisture Exchanger Filter

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Heat and Moisture Exchanger Filter


High bacterial viral efficiency, insulation and moisturizing.


Well-sealing protects the subject against cross infection and the spirometer against cross contamination.

Filters are effective for filtration of bacteria, viruses and expectorated matter.

Usage time: ≤24h

Tidal volume: 250 ml moisture loss ≤17.5 ml/L

                    500 ml moisture loss ≤19.5 ml/L

Gas-leakage: testing at 7.0 ± 0.35kpa, ≤25ml/m

Compliance: testing at 7.0 ± 0.35kpa, ≤15ml/kpa

Pressure drop: flow 30L/min, ≤0.6kpa

                     flow 60L/min, ≤1.0kpa


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