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1.FEP material and latex free catheter
2. Stainless 3-facet Needle point, siliconized for smooth and painless puncture

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IV catheter


-            Stainless 3-facet Needle point, siliconized for smooth and painless puncture

-            14G to 26G for option

Needle hub:

-            Specially designed needle hub to prevent destabilization and for better grip

-            Special thumb radius for proper grip during insertion

Needle Protector:

-            Protects the needle and catheter from contamination as well as from accidental damage


-            FEP material and latex free

-            Special tapered, beveled tip and siliconized. The improved tip design minimizes the resistance during insertion

-            Thin walled catheter allows maximum flow rate

Flash Back Chamber

-            Unique air vented hub for higher flow rate and quick easy confirmation of correct vascular access

-            Avoids blood spillage

-            Prevents air bubbles

Threaded Stopper:

-            Each I.V. Catheter is provided with a threaded stopper



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