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Nasal Oxygen Cannula

1. Both white transparent color and green transparent color available
2. Inner diameter: 5mm or 6mm
3. Softer nose tip is for better comfortable to patients

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Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Soft, smooth surface, no twisting,no negative side effects, and simple to use.

Raw materials:

-          Be made from odorless medical grade PVC, being consists of oxygen tube and nose tip

-          Be with white transparent and green transparent colors bothly, while transparent plastic material enables it to be visible, allowing care providers to better monitor patient’s conditions instantly

-          ‘DEHP free’ type is available for option which is trended to more and more widely used

Oxygen Tube:

-          Normally 1.8m or 2.1m tube is configured

-          Inner diameter: 5mm and 6mm is for options usually

-          Star lumen designing to minimize risk of airflow termination when it’s kinked

-          Be with luer slip (conventional) connector and luer lock (universal new type) connector, while luer lock connector is designed for more tightly connection with central oxygen supplying system in hospitals

Nose Tip:

-          Available with: straight nose tip, curved nose tip(softer material gives more comfortable to patients), flared nose tip.

-          Smallest size, Neonate size is available for preference besides other common sizes, Infant, Pediatric and Adult.

Intended Use:

This item is an transporting Oxygen device with double channels. It is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a patient or person in need of extra oxygen by nasal cavity in which nostril sucker is placed; The connector port of the cannula is connected to an oxygen tank, a portable oxygen generator, or a wall connection in a hospital via a flowmeter. The oxygen flow from the tube.

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