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Nebulizer Kit

1. Oxygen tube can be with configured with white transparent color or green transparent color
2. Corrugated tube (150mm) is for optional
3. Both oxygen and nebulized medichine can be inhaled
4. PE bag packing and paper-film packing both available
5. OEM customized brand packing is welcome

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Nebulizer Kit

Raw materials:

-          Be made from medical grade ABS, PP, HDPE and PVC, which bring utmost safety & comfort to individuals

-          Oxygen tube be with white transparent and green transparent color

-          Both ‘with DEHP’ and ‘DEHP free’ type are available for options, while ‘DEHP free’ type is trended to more and more widely used

Oxygen tube:

-          Normally 2m or 2.1m tube is configured

-          Star lumen designing to minimize risk of airflow termination when it’s kinked

-          Be with luer slip (conventional) connector and luer lock (universal new type) connector, while luer lock connector is designed for more tightly connection with central oxygen supplying system in hospitals

Nebulizer chamber (Nebulizer Jar)

-          Be made from polycarbonate (abbreviated as ‘PC’) with better physical and biological compatibility than polystyrene (abbreviated as ‘PS’).

-          Chamber wall thickness > 21mm, much stronger than those whose thickness less than 18mm

-          Available with nebulizer 6ML and 20ML

Corrugated tube:

-          To be connected with one side of T-piece

-          Corrugated tube designing too prevent nebulized air or oxygen which is with liquid medicine be leaked

-          Length: 150mm

Brief Introduction:

-          Be used to administer medication to people in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs

-          To produce compressed air or oxygen to carry liquid medicine to be inhaled by patients

-          Be commonly used for patients in hospitals who have difficulty using inhalers

-          Be for ease of use with young children or the elderly which is more convenient to operation and holding by patients themselves


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Nebulizer 6ML


Nebulizer 20ML



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