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Multi-vent mask

1. Can be with white transparent color or green transparent color
2. Different oxygen diluters are selected for different oxygen concentration
3. PE bag packing and paper-film packing both available
4. OEM customized brand packing is welcome

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Multi-vent Mask

Raw materials:

-          Be made from odorless medical grade PVC, to be light and more comfortable

-          Be with white transparent and green transparent colors while transparent plastic mask makes it be visible, allowing care providers to be better monitor patient’s conditions instantly

-          Both ‘with DEHP’ and ‘DEHP free’ types are available for options, while ‘DEHP free’ type is trended to more and more widely used

Oxygen tube:

-          Normally 2m or 2.1m tube is configured

-          Star lumen designing to minimize risk of airflow termination when it’s kinked

-          Be with luer slip (conventional) connector and luer lock (universal new type) connector, while luer lock connector is designed for more tightly connection with central oxygen supplying system in hospitals

Face mask:

-          Ergonomic designing facilitates full covering and enable sufficient inhalation of nebulized drugs

-          Adjustable nose clip makes comfortable fitting and prevents nondirective moving

-          Good edge curling

-          Thickened hole prevent break of face mask edge when being elastic strap is being pulled

Multi-vent set:

-          Be intended to supply oxygen and other gases to an individual for oxygen therapy and allow adjustment of oxygen concentration

-          Different oxygen diluters  (green: 24%, 26%, 28% and 30%, white: 35%, 40%, 50%) is for selected for appropriate rate

-          Recommended rate as below:

             Air: O2              Recommended     Total Gas Flow

FLO2         Ratio                O2 Liter Flow       (to patient)

24%         25.3:1                 3 LPM            79 LPM

26%         14.8:1                 3 LPM            47 LPM

28%         10.3:1                 6 LPM            68 LPM

30%          7.8:1                 6 LPM            53 LPM

35%          4.6:1                 9 LPM            50 LPM

40%          3.2:1                12 LPM            50 LPM

50%          1.7:1                15 LPM            41LPM

Elastic strap:

-          Elasticity enables longer or shorter to fix to different patients head

-          Can be latex or latex free type

-          With tie to prevent being pulled off from mask


-          Pediatric standard

-          Pediatric elongated

-          Adult standard

-          Adult elongated


Item No.



Pediatric standard


Pediatric elongated


Adult standard


Adult elongated



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