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Test kit

Antibody test kit & Antigen test kit are available

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Antibody test kit:

[Sample Type] Whole blood / Plasma / Serum

[Sample Volume] 20ul / 10ul / 10ul
[Reaction Time] 15 mins
[Packing Size] 20 tests per box
[Storage Condition] 4℃ ~ 30℃

[Shelf Life] 12 months

Antibodies will be secreted after virus invasion.
Immunoglobulin M (IgM) comes out first, acting as the early sign of infection. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) comes out later, arising a more specific and stronger reaction against the virus.

Operation Steps
Step 1 Add 20ul of whole blood sample/ 10ul of serum or plasma sample to well A.

Step 2 Add two drops ( about 80ul ) of sample dilution to well B, and start timing.

Step 3 The test results should be read within 10-20 mins. Do not read the results after 20 mins.

Antigen Rapid Test Kit:
Methodology: Chromatographic Immunoassay

Product Formation

1. Test strip / Test cassette
2. Dropper(for test cassette)
3. Desiccant (for test strip and cassette)
4. Instruction for use

Assay Type Qualitative Detection

Specimen Whole Blood

Sensitivity 2NCU/ML

Accuracy 99.8%

Storage Temperature 4-30 Degree Centigrade

Read Time 3-5 minutes

Shelf Life 24 Months From Date Of Production

Certificate CE,ISO9001,ISO13485,FDA


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